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How to Earn Money as an Online Freelance Writer

This book exists because there are far too many Become-a-6-Figure-Freelance-Writer overnight scams out there. They somehow, simultaneously, glamorize and denigrate the profession at the same time. I wanted to get the truth out there about what the journey is like—and how to do it, successfully. No tricks involved.

I wrote this book because throughout my journey to become a successful freelance writer I have been frustrated with the insanely generic and unhelpful advice out there. Advice like (and these are direct quotes) “broaden your horizons”, “believe in yourself”, “have a goal”, “build value”, and my personal favorite, “be a good writer” (courtesy of articles from eHow, Daily Writing Tips and the last one—my personal favorite tip, from wikiHow). What a load of unintelligible crap huh? Ya, I got frustrated with it too. This is why I wrote this book.

If this book is the first piece of writing you've read about becoming an online writer I would be vey surprised—although kudos on making it here so early in your freelancer exploration.

The whole purpose of this book is to offer freelancing newbies tangible advice on how to become a professional freelance writers in today's economy—and how to make decent money at it. Know now though, there is no over-night success in this business, and you will likely never make a six-figure income. What this book will help you do is fine-tune your writing style and get you writing jobs that will afford you a reasonable living while doing something that you love.

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