Shooting Stars

A lot of spooky spooks are in agreement with the quantum physicists; that we have parts of our selves in numerous parallel universes. Most spooky spooks ( a term of endearment I use in reference to channeled entities) claim that each of us has hundreds and even thousands of other selves existing either in what we term the past and future here on what we see as planet Earth or in parallel realities either on other planets or in parallel realities on this planet. The reason we do not see those other realities existing simultaneously with ours is because each different reality vibrates at a different frequency and we can only see that which is vibrating within the spectrum of our own specific reality. Occasionally, our personal frequency will fluctuate enough that we enter a different band of frequency and this is when we get glimpses of these other worlds. But we are so centered within our own frequency band that we get quickly pulled back into it.

The spooky spook SAbe has said that one of the main things holding us in our current frequency spectrum is our unwavering belief in linear time. He has said that all parallel universes exist simultaneously in the NOW. That includes what we consider to be "past" and "future" lives. They are all happening right NOW. We cannot see them though because our belief in linear time holds us in a frequency band that veils us from other frequency bands. Our belief in linear time is so outrageously strong that it binds us within a very narrow vibratory frequency. SAbe went on to say that the key to "ascending" out of this narrow frequency band into a "higher" and broader frequency band is to break down our mass belief in linear time and to fully embrace and understand simultaneous time. The mass belief is so ingrained within each of us, though, that the human noggin is not currently wired to understand and operate in simultaneous time. Simultaneous time (the NOW) is the key to the shift in awareness that will bring about the ascension of consciousness that humans will inevitably go through.

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