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You’ve just made the first step to finding the perfect read for your weekend, vacation or coffee breaks. “Iliad” in 1,000 words is exactly what it suggests – a 1,000-word summary of “Iliad”. This download will give you a first-person view into the story of this e-book. It will give you better insight into whether this is something that you want to read and even better, you can do it all within 15 minutes or less. It’s literally the twitter of the e-book world.

If you’d like to read more of one thousand words summaries – please visit where all books have 1,000-word wrap-ups that allow you to find out more about the characters and plot before purchasing. A lot of people buy e-books without having this useful insight and this sometimes leads to disappointment. Now, you can minimize this probability with our innovative form of e-book publishing using 1,000-word wrap-ups.

See you there!

Iliad in 1,000 Words

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