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To Wish For Hope

She peered down into his golden eyes. Such an unusual shade. She had never seen anyone with eyes that color. “Stay down, and don’t move. You’re hurt and you’ll start bleeding again.” She gave the warning, but had no idea of he understood Malleneese or not. She didn’t know the words that were needed to tell him in his own language. Maybe he’d get the message from her actions and the soft tone of her voice.

He started to rise up again, grabbed one of her wrists with one hand and reached for a weapon that was no longer at his waist with the other hand. She couldn’t jerk loose and panic seized her. Fast as lightening, she pulled her own blade from the sheath at her side and pressed it against his throat—the razor sharp blade pricked the skin and heralded its dangerous message. He stiffened almost immediately.

“Lay still.” She gave her warning with firmness. He would understand the tone, even if he didn’t understand the words. “I won’t hurt you, but I don’t like being grabbed.” Calming her voice, she hoped that he might know some Malleneese. “Friend.” It was one of the few Cherrok words that she knew. She kept the tone with quiet stableness and tried to not show fear that threatened to reveal itself with abundance. He didn’t move. Of course he perceived the sharp edge of the blade against his neck. In slow motion he released her wrist but never took his eyes off of her. She couldn’t fault him, because the trained warrior would be forever vigilant.

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