Dedicated to my personal goddess, Brigitte.


This book goes back to basics, I suppose, in so many ways. Really back to before I was even thinking about writing. This was the time of the Hardy Boy books and compulsive reading. This is when I discovered the Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. When I picked up A Princess of Mars and read the opening lines, I was instantly hooked. That led, over the following months and years, to discovering all the worlds of ERB.

Then, many years later, I became a writer and remembered the thrilling adventures that had become a major part of my reading experience for so long.

Tarzan, of course, had already captured me on film, but that wasn’t very serious stuff; it was in the books that I discovered the real thing. Back then the moral codes were very strict and women always sought to kill themselves rather than face a fate worse than death. For a respectable woman, love and sex were something to save for marriage!

I began to wonder, as a published writer, what a female growing up in the jungle like Tarzan had would be really like. Certainly sex would be simply a normal part of life—not something to avoid at all cost!

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