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Time and again, the SAS have displayed a range of skills and levels of personal courage that have not only made them the envy of the world, but they have also delivered spectacular results. From their inception, the SAS they have been on operations from the Jungles in Belize to Northern Ireland and the Middle East in Iran and Iraq as well as plenty of other exotic locations. Afghan Heat follows the SAS in Afghanistan. Giving an intimate picture of what it is like fighting a war hardened enemy in a harsh environment. The Taliban are no push over fighting both tenaciously and fearlessly in order to regain power and get rid of coalition forces.

The SAS was part of a coalition dismantling, in what US General David Petraeus, the former NATO commander, has described as “an industrial-strength insurgency.” The SASs skills have been in almost constant demand since 2001. When two squadrons deployed to Afghanistan under ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ to overthrow the Taliban, as part of the war on terror. During the early years of their involvement in the war on terror, they were badly under-resourced.

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