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Stripped for Cash!

Published by Teagan Winters at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Teagan Winters

For ADULTS Only. All Characters Over 18.

Becoming some glamour model or low-rate stripper was something I never wanted to do with my life. Even as the tuition bills piled up and the long hours at a minimum wage job put a small dent in my loans and fees, I convinced myself that I would never do such a thing like that to make money. I wasn't some whore or desperate girl looking to sell my body to make ends meet.

At twenty-two, my life was in a vice which wouldn't let go. Occasionally I would reach out and twist the crank to ease the pressure, but the walls would come crashing in on me not long after. Whether it was the rising cost of books, escalating rent, or just trying to get gas to make it back and forth between the apartment and school, money was a precious commodity which I just couldn't get my hands on. Every single minute of my life was spent either in class or at a job. There was no such thing as a cool-down for my life.

As the school year went on and the endless cycle of work and study continued, I started to feel exhausted. At the current rate, things were just never going to end. The continuous bombardment of my mind and body had to cease at some point, or I feared that I would just collapse onto the floor after being completely drained. Something in my life had to change for the better.

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