Accidental Milk Maid 2

Jersey Ho

By Venus Santiago

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Venus Santiago

All Rights Reserved

Despite the strangeness of working at a human dairy farm, Lily took to the work quickly. She became good at milking the regular cows. Penny said she had increased milk yields in the girls by at least eight percent.

There was only problem.

Lily slammed her workroom locker open and glared at her work boots and gear. Each day, the farm hand Justin came by, took the worn work clothes and boots, and replaced them with freshly laundered and sanitized versions. Lily liked the coveralls, which were soft combed cotton in bright shades of periwinkle, raspberry, or spring green. They had the company logo over the pocket and skirts instead of inconvenient trousers. That made it easier to take advantage of the cow-girls, but even that bonus wasn't cheering Lily today.

She was still thinking of her one big stumbling block.

"Hey, Lily," said a tentative voice.

Lily turned. It was Justin, their farmhand and dogsbody. "Hello, Justin."

He was such a sweet boy. She smiled at him to put him at his ease and he relaxed and smiled back. Justin was a pretty little thing--fine boned, with high cheekbones and rich green eyes. He had auburn hair and thin fingers. Nothing like the hayseed farm boys of her childhood. Justin would look more at place in an artist's loft, being sketched by a scowling French painter who had evil designs on his person.

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