Conflict- The main character, an Italian man named Eddie Carbone struggles with his inappropriate feelings for his niece Catherine. When one of the illegal Italian immigrants living with the Carbone's falls in love with Catherine, Eddie becomes extremely jealous. His jealousy causes him to implode as well as go against the laws of the Italian community and turn in the immigrants he is housing.

Interesting Details

The play was initially received without much acclaim and very unsuccessful. Eventually Miller divided it into two act’s which is the modern version. This was more successful, and over the last few decades it has often been revived and seen success.

The play was twice set to be made into a Hollywood movie during the last decade, one even starring Scarlett Johansson, however both versions fell through and no new plans have been made.

Book Summary

A View From The Bridge is a play about the corruption of the docks in New York City in the 1950's. The play covers many themes such as the morality of naming of names, the human nature to irrationally respond to certain situations, and the respect of the law of communities as opposed to the written laws. Eddie Carbone an Italian American is the protagonist. Throughout the play he fights with all three of these themes. Eddie lives with his wife and niece, Catherine, and at first seem to have a relatively stable household and relationship. When Eddie agrees to take in two illegal Italian immigrants into his home, a series of events begins to unfold that results in Eddie's downfall. Eddie harbors a deep love for his niece, which causes him great jealousy when she falls for one of the immigrants, Rodolpho. Eddie decides to go against the laws of the community and report the immigrants as illegal, in hopes he will keep Catherine to himself. His actions, and lack of self control leads to a lack of respect in the community, and a violent and bloody ending to the play.

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