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And more importantly, can you spell out the basic elements of effective music marketing? Because, after all, if you’re going to invest your time and energy in promotion, it better be effective. Right?

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with a quick answer to my question. On the other hand, please don’t curse me if you think you know the answer and feel my probing here is pointless. Because it isn’t.

If you plan to read this report and use these ideas to create a music promotion plan for your music, you better damn well know why you’re doing it. You need to understand the underlying principles at work here. These elements are simple, but they’re often glossed over by eager musicians who just want to “get their name out there.”

Getting your name out there is fine. It’s better than doing nothing at all. But mindless music marketing – without focus and purpose – usually leads to frustration and continued obscurity.

The solution: Look under the hood and get a grasp of what’s at the core of every effective music promotion plan.

The three stages of music marketing

When it comes right down to it, music marketing consists of these three elements:

  • Creating awareness – taking action to communicate your identity to a specific audience

  • Making connections – starting and maintaining relationships with a growing number of fans and media/business contacts

  • Asking for the sale – generating cash flow and creating incentives for fans to spend money

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