You have to remember, changes are permanent only if you continue those changes. It can be very easy and tempting at times to change back to your old self.

The reason why it can be difficult for you to change yourself is because you are too comfortable.

People enjoy their comfort zone. They do not like the idea of it being popped, broken, shattered, trespassed, or whichever term people tend to phrase it as.

The point is, once their comfort zone is broken, there’s a very high chance of them moving back into the zone after a certain period of time.

It’s like forming a new habit. Normally, it’ll take at least three weeks for a new habit to form, that’s if you continued the same routine for that long.

Likewise, forming a new habit is the same as breaking away from your comfort zone because in order to change something, you must first rid yourself of what you’ve had before.

It’s good to put yourself on the spot sometimes when you are trying to change yourself up. The more you look at what you haven’t done and what you could’ve done, the easier it will be for you to strive for the change that you want.

Although motivation is key to absolute success, motivation only lasts outside of the comfort zone. If you continue to stop letting yourself be too comfortable where you’re at, you’re doing something right.

Granted, chances won’t appear in a few days. It’s going to take weeks, or maybe even months. Either way, the more you keep going, the closer you’ll be to your goal.

That’s the purpose of this book: to help you reach that goal. You want to change your attitude about life? Do it. Don’t waver and don’t procrastinate.

Whatever amount of time that you’re going to take to read this book, take in every minute and every word.

Don’t think that you’re wasting time. You’re spending time shaping yourself up. That’s what’s important.

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