"How To Write A Love Letter"

By Cherise Galbraith

Why is it so hard to write a love letter?

You've tried and tried and all you end up with is a worn out pen and a floor full of crumpled up papers.

You can do this. It's just words on paper. It's just a note. You probably write notes all day. In addition to emails, texts, lists, and reminders. You probably write letters all day as well. So, why is it so hard to write a love letter?

I will tell you why. Love letters have a reputation of being AWESOME! Love letters have super magical powers. They can start things. They can stop things. We could probably go as far as saying, they create life. A love letter can start a romance which could lead to a relationship, which could lead to marriage, which could lead to children, which could lead to grand-children, the list could go on and on. Love letters can end things as well. It could end someone else's relationship. It could end a friendship. Sadly, it could end someone's life (hence the whole Romeo and Juliet saga).

Another example of the "awesome-ness" of a love letter is that it could shape-shift. It can go from being a fierce, "I want you", heart-pounding, "hungry lion" type of letter. And then in someone else's hands can become a sweet, "you're so cool", butterflies in your stomach, "teddy bear" type of letter.

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