What Others are Saying about Transient Ways

"This book kicked ass! It is one of the few accurate descriptions of the squatter lifestyle I've seen. The ultimate message of the book is simply: live free. It has the perfect mix of poetry and personal stories. From a squatter's perspective this book is inspirational. Get it at all costs." --Twitch, in Slug and Lettuce, #49 ("A zine supporting the do-it-yourself ethic of the punk community")

"I am in love with this colorfully fantastic pocket-book. ... Even were I unfamiliar with impromptu rail expeditions, the deeply emotional writing would nearly nonetheless have gripped me... I only hope there are at least a few comparable sequels." --Rev. Tin Ear, Angry Thoreauan, #19

"This is an insightful and in depth diary of one woman's life experiences and travels around the US by means of hopping trains. It's interesting and personal. Worth checking out. --Duke,  Profane Existence, #32 ("anarcho-punk resource magazine")

"This is actually a book with a collection of stories, journal entries, and poems of modern hoboism written by Jessica Hahn on her travels across the USA. This is a really well written and enjoyable book with some fucking great photos by Dan Nelson. Excellent read." --Chris,  Aversion, summer of 1997 (British anarcho-punk zine)

 "This is a collection of writing and poetry by Jessica Hahn. ... Succeeds in being very inspirational as a document of achieving personal freedom. The stories are interspersed with poetry of an anti-establishment nature. This was very enjoyable and comes highly recommended." --Pete, Baldie, #4 (British zine)

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