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Easy Way To Define Your Success: Achieve It Through Perseverance

By Jeff Barkin

SmashWords Edition

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The attainment of success can take years of working hard and striving toward your innermost dreams. Therefore, since dreams differ between persons, you need to define your success personally. By taking ten minutes to define it, you are actually not going to have it done ten minutes from the time you start reading this article. Instead, this focuses on the main actions that you are going to take in order to discover the meaning of success to you personally. Picture Mr. Kabwe, a primary school teacher. He was into farming and had been drafting several children's books. But he never finished any despite starting many of his book projects. We will come back to his story and see how he acted later. Naturally, whatever becomes your true definition of success should encompass the notion that success makes you happy, motivates you to act ecstatically and is involuntarily holistic.


Step by Step Guide to the Definition

There are six steps you can take to define your success and reinforce it. All the actions involved can easily add up to ten minutes when you spread the key activities over a long period. Carefully read through them as often as you can:

Step One -- List your desired achievements: List down all things that are close to your heart in any order. Achieving such goals should make you happy even if you became infirm, grew old or died afterwards. Now, the best way to list them is by picking a pen and a small note book you won't easily lose -- spare your tabloid for now

Step Two -- Record internal reactions: Carefully read through the list you just produced. Next to each item, indicate any reactions you will have towards each of them as you read through.

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