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In the Garden of Floydette

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010

William Pierce

In the garden of floydette I sit and watch the peppers grow. The morning light gives golden delight. The mowers And weed cutters roll. The car sings Viva Mexico! The sun gently stirs around the chosen world. Dogs and Birds spew out their merry tunes. Arise! Arise! What is a foot? Slash, slash! Die weed. Die! Die sound. She rides the high breeze. Searching for prey. On the ground. In the Sky. Everywhere. Silently gliding. Hammers echo in the distance. Blue jay shrieks! Sun shines. Millions of dollars of helicopters grind by. Shine. Sunshine. A new country will get a hot time in the towns, Soon? U. S. A.! All the way, every day ! Yahoo! The greeks told us what to do. It’s only natural. The strong should take from the weak? O bother. You rock the World. Be careful, I’ll rip you a new one! Audience, Arise! And may we arise, in that blessed day, which has no eventide.

Yeahh baby! O love, given in cold dorm room. Spread out upon the bed.Sweet, soft, kisses. Love divine. All loves excelling. Exposed in the internet scandal. A love divine. Sweet caress with a tenderness. A love forbidden, even in olden times. What were you thinking! You thrust yourself off the g. w. bridge and ended it all. A brief passage. You were only 18. A Love divine. A silent night. Holy, holy, holy ? Goodbye sweet prince. Your life was but a passing shadow?

No, it don’t come easy. You have to search every room. Listen to the Dry, Dry Martini. He’s telling a dirty joke over in the corner. Climb all the mountains, search the dry seas. Remember what was lost and what you have gained. Remember what was lost with a favorite Shotgun. Beware of lost hearts and fallen old oaks.

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