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Isolation Technology Helps Integrate Solar Photovoltaic Systems onto the Smart Grid

Solar photovoltaic inverters convert electrical power from a solar panel and deploy it to the utility grid with up to 98% efficiency. An isolation barrier must protect measurement circuitry from the power-handling circuitry and from switching transients. This article suggests how iCoupler isolation technology can reduce cost, increase smart grid integration, and improve safety of solar PV inverters.

Designing Robust Isolated RS-232 Data Interfaces for Harsh Industrial Applications

A key requirement in industrial and instrumentation (I&I) applications is a reliable data interface for inspecting connected systems via a diagnostic port. The RS-232 bus standard is one of the oldest and most widely used physical-layer bus designs. First introduced in 1962, this single-ended data transmission standard continues to be widely used for communications over a short cable.

ADuC7026 Provides Programmable Voltages for Evaluating Multiple Power Supply Systems

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