The Amber Chronicles


Megan Kuykendall

The Legend of Argon Series

Prequel to: The Gathering

Copyright 2013 by Megan Kuykendall

Smashwords Edition

Amber sat in her living room listening to Jazz, drinking a glass of Merlot. She was pushing a strand of her long red hair behind her ear as she was watching something on her laptop. She heard the front door being opened and casually reached for her hand gun sitting on the end table.

Hey, Amber I got shrimp fried rice for you I hope that’s...” The man stopped abruptly when he seen the gun. He was tall a little over six foot, long dark hair, broad shoulders and a lean body. He was wearing a pair of worn blue jeans and a black pocket tee. “Something wrong?”

“No, but you can never be too careful Ryan.” Amber set her gun down and went back to watching her computer screen.

“So anything exciting happen while I was gone?” Ryan asked as he walked into the kitchenette off the left of the living room. He was pulling down plates to serve dinner on.

“No, Meg and Andrew are still unloading the truck. I just managed to get the live feed from the security cameras in the lobby. You have to love technology.” She stated as Ryan walked over handing her a plate of food.

“So this is what you do all the time?” Ryan asked as he sat down across from her in an overstuffed chair.

“No, I needed to show you what your future charges look like and I need to see if my suspicions are correct about your destiny.” Amber replied.

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