Excerpts of Review by Claudia Pemberton of the Military Writers Society of America

It's not often that a reader is privy to the intimate writings of an individual's diary and/or personal letters, but on the rare occasion that they are, it can make for a reading experience like none other. Such is the case of Dear Sergeant Honey.

While stationed in England, Hildegarde meets her husband to be, Staff Sergeant Grandon Scott. Since both of them were ranked as sergeants, they would begin their letters to one another with the greeting, "Dear Sergeant Honey." Their catchy salutation now serves as the perfect title for Hildegarde's memoir.

WW II buffs will find Dear Sergeant Honey fascinating; historians will find it enlightening; women will find it empowering; and soldiers will find it authentic. (Editor's Note: Complete review on web page)

Dear Sergeant Honey

Part III Dear Sergeant Honey


Ceil Stetson

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