The Dragon’s Virgin Slave 2: Captive

By Cherry Dare

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Cherry Dare

All Rights Reserved

Kara leaned back against Rhodar’s chest. Though they had a fire lit in their cave, the night was cold, and she enjoyed the heat of his body.

“Are you cold, little one?” asked Rhodar.

“A little,” replied Kara.

The dragon-shifter spread his magnificent black wings, and brought them around to cover Kara like a blanket of soft leather. She snuggled into it. His fine-scaled tail curled up to coil securely around her arm.

She marveled at how at ease she now felt with her lover’s strange body. Not long ago, his dragon-like features— his wings, his tail, his talons, his long forked tongue, his hot obsidian skin— had frightened as well as aroused her. But now that she’d had time to grow accustomed to him, and had often seen Rhodar transform from dragon-like man to black dragon and back again, his form had become almost as familiar to her as her own.

They kissed. His forked tongue twined around hers— a strange but sensuous act which she had come to love. Just kissing him sent a steady pulse of arousal tingling through her nerves, and she knew that it did the same to him. His enormous cock twitched and hardened against her leg.

Kara wondered if it was possible to get that huge shaft into her mouth. Once the thought crossed her mind, she had to try. She broke off the kiss and turned so that her mouth was positioned by his rigid member, and her cunt was near his face.

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