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falling out of cars

jeff noon


Copyright 2002 Jeff Noon

Published at Smashwords


First published in Great Britain 2002 by Anchor Books – A division of Transworld Publishers Ltd.

This edition published 2013 by Jeff Noon


Cover Art Copyright 2012 by Curtis Leon Fee

eBook design by Tim C. Taylor


All rights reserved





Where do you come from?

And where are you going?






It was bad last night. Very bad. The worst yet. There were too many of them, a family, and all of them crazed. We had to leave empty-handed. Henderson took a knock to the skull. She’s blaming me. Finally, we holed up in a bed and breakfast outside the city. A dark and nasty place it was, with people stumbling up and down the corridors all night long, moaning, lamenting. Difficult to sleep. Blood in the toilet bowl, shit on the walls. All the mirrors, and even the screen of the television, all covered over with black paint. But it was cheap, and safe. No questions asked, even at the three of us wanting to share the one tiny room. And then a late start this morning, and many miles yet to cover. Another job. What good will it bring us? I feel confused, dispirited, after last night. We all do. Nobody’s talking.

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