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Streetwise Global Publication's (SGP) Complete Guide to Cebuano is exactly that. A Guide which takes you from basic pronunciation through 30 individual lessons, to more in-depth grammatical concepts, with a significant and varied vocabulary to back it all up.

We know through years of contact with, living with and marriage to Filipinos what it’s like to go in blind on the language front and pick up only parts of conversations. And of course many Filipinos speak reasonable enough English for you to manage. But there is nothing like being able to get the gist of a conversation, which we know at least once has been enough to alert us to danger and avoid it. (Read all about that and more in The Philippines Survival Handbook!).

But just as you have come to expect from SGP, we like to make sure you get top value for money. So our Cebuano course has an edge. It is written by a Filipino husband and wife team of adult learning experts. Cebuano’s of course. Every word, phrase and grammatical nuance is 100 percent accurate and as only a native would speak!

English, though, is their second language and whilst a magnitude better than our Cebuano, there are ‘quirks’ to the English they use. So we have made some editorial changes - ‘smoothed’ over some of the text if you like, but only to ensure it makes good sense, and to the extent necessary for a proper understanding, because there are lessons to be learnt even from how our tutors phrase their English as these 'patterns' will guide you to how a Filipino would manage English when you meet them in the Philippines.

We feel that using professional level native speakers and keeping the integrity of their phraseology as much as possible, gives you a value added feature which ensures that your experience is worth every peso you invested in this course.

We recognise that learning any new skill and especially a language is not necessarily an easy task, but what we have done our best to achieve, is to give you the best shot at success and enjoy the experience at the same time.

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