John Henry Thompson (Father of Adele Thompson Aldridge and grandfather to Vicki Aldridge Washuk) — born 1910; died 2002.

Stephen Gerard Thompson (Jimmie) — born 1912; died 1973.

Charles Hilary Thompson (Charlie / Chilie) — born 1914; died unknown date.

Alfred Cuthbert Thompson (Cuthie and also Sket) — born 1919, died, unknown date — was in the R.A.F. and taken as prisoner of war. After the war, married Rita Pullan.

Arthur Frederick Thompson (Artie) Twin to Cuthie born 1919; died 1991.

This is the fourth and final in a series of diaries written by Ruby Alice Side Thompson during World War ll. She lived in Romford, Essex a suburb outside of London. Ruby Thompson wrote almost daily about the incessant air raids and bombings, keeping meticulous records of the time, location, and length of these raids. She writes of the stress and terror revealing the emotions, fears and the way lives were crippled due to the constant unknown of when or where a bomb would hit. In one segment she even sees a bomb sailing by her window. Her two youngest twin sons were directly affected by the war, one shot down over Germany, spending most of the war as a German war prisoner. His brother lost a leg. Ruby considered both these tragedies to be lucky compared to the fate of many others.

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