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Ruby writes brutally honest accounts of life as she saw things as they happened. They are her innermost thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. Because this personal record of events during the war and her marriage were not written for anyone but herself we are now, seventy years later, have a small peek into the past from which we can see a family trying to survive the London Blitz during World War II.

Ruby's politically incorrect opinions, as well as her continual up and down moods also documents the war within her marriage as well as her continual vacillations with her religious beliefs. Her candidness is what makes this book a page-turner.

If you have ancestors who were alive during World War II, in England, this book is a good place to find how households and family members lived during the London Blitz. Ruby Side Thompson's personal diaries bring history into reality.

Foreword to Volume Four

I inherited forty-three diaries written by my great grandmother, Ruby Alice Side Thompson. These diaries span the years 1909—1969. The diaries were first passed down to my grandmother, Ruth Ferris Thompson, then to my mother, Adele Thompson Aldridge and eventually to me. I own all copyrights of these diaries that span from 1939–1969. The copyright ownership was transferred to me by inheritance through my grandmother, Ruth Ferris Thompson who was married to Ruby's son, John Henry Thompson. I have a copy of Ruby Side Thompson's will passing the diaries to my grandmother Ruth Thompson and further legal documentation and letters showing the inheritance transfer of copyright.

When I began re-reading these diaries I realized how little I knew about the events of World War ll and what people in London in particular had to endure. I also learned the intimate revelations of a marriage with a glimpse into how women's roles at that time were very limited compared to my own and my daughter's opportunities. I think Ruby would be amazed at how different the lives of her great great granddaughters are today, with their personal freedom and opportunities that were not dreamed of when she was young.

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