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Echoes Of Drowning Creek

Anguish as fresh now as it had been the day his family perished brought Josh back to the present. As he had a million times in the last four years, he wondered if he could have done anything different, anything that would have saved Sally and the boys. His wife, his sons. Josh pressed his fists against his eyes, squeezing back the visions that lay in ambush. They always sprang out in the unguarded moment, or in the dark of night, to stab, slash his mind with a glimpse of sunlight slanting through the car window, spinning a shining web from a wisp of golden hair. Raw memories prodded him with the giggles of the boys wrestling in the back seat. The river flooded by spring rains. A car roaring up behind them, with a driver he recognized. The thud. Careening, crashing…darkness. The end of something precious. The end of his family, his life.

He shook the past from his mind. One thing for certain, Zeke Isaacs was going to pay and it was going to be tonight. Here. While his goons weren't around to interfere.

The distant glimmer of lanterns caught Josh's attention. Quietly, he pushed to his feet, waited until the blood ran back to his toes and erased the sensation of pins sticking his flesh. Then he crept to the edge of the clearing. Looked like the search party had either given up or found their man. The lights were headed down the hill.

Behind him, a twig snapped and Josh wheeled, staring at the shadows.

“Stay right where I can see you, piss-ant.”

The voice sent needles of ice along his spine.


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Echoes Of Drowning Creek

Marilyn Kapp has successfully created an nostalgic novel of a bygone era that combines suspense…love and secrets that leaves you wanting to read more about Miranda's life and her escapades.

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