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«Wow, nice place!» Robin said. «Looks good outside and inside!» He laughed. It was impossible to read his tone. He closed the door and entered the house. Ripped off his black leather jacket and, since no hooks had been put up yet, threw it in the corner where the other jackets lay like burned skin.

Seth smiled. «Yeah, I know. I think it's awesome, and a bit .. uh ..» He paused and tried to insert the most fitting word he could download from the mental memory bank, then said: «It's a bit creepy, I guess.» He pointed a finger to the ceiling. «Jill's upstairs unpacking our bathroom stuff. She loves it too.»

«I bet,» Robin chuckled.

«Join me to our new and pretty spectacular kitchen,» Seth said and led his younger brother through the corridor like a well-paid servant of his own home. At the end of the corridor he opened a door leading to a big room with two more doors in it. «It should be here somewhere,» he joked.

Robin laughed, eyes wide. «Damn, this house is even bigger than it looks from the outside.»

«You have no idea.» Seth took him to the door on the opposite side of the room. «And finally,» he said and opened the door, «the kitchen!» He entered it. Robin followed like his shadow.

The kitchen was a huge room that looked more like an old forgotten cellar from the sixteen hundreds. Only things missing were chains hanging from the walls with maggot infested, half eaten bodies strapped to them. The sink looked like some form of rotten urinal with all sorts of weird stains on it. A single cable hung from the ceiling, and at the end of it was a naked lightbuld shining its shy little light on the unorthodox looking kitchen.

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