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About the Author


The work on this book was truly a labor of love.  I have been captivated by auto racing since being a kid.  After reading books and articles about the post World War II era, I fell in love with the men and cars of that time.  Some guys have heroes who were ball players or cowboys or astronauts.  My heroes were always racing car drivers.  You had to look up to the men of this time.  Most grew up in poverty or at least rough times because of the Great Depression.  They served their country during World War II, some stateside and some abroad. 

After the war they were seeking adventure and thrills.  Some had raced cars before the war.  Others were hotrodding around town.  A few drivers saw racing as fun and a great way to earn money.  Even though the sport was brutal to its participants, nobody held a gun to their heads and forced them to drive.  Although some would admit to being afraid of these powerful cars, most at least had a deep respect for what could happen to them on the track.  Many had the thought that if you didn't want to get hurt then don't get into one of these cars.   Helmets were primitive and fire safety equipment was non existent.  A large number of drivers were killed during this time, taken at the full strength of their youth.  Many more were injured and scarred.  A lucky few left the sport without some kind of damage. 

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