Love Song (Rock Star Romance 3)

Backstage Pass

Serena St Claire

Copyright 2013 by Serena St Claire

Smashwords Edition

I’d been back in London for almost exactly a month when my world was turned upside down once more. To be honest, even though in the course of about an hour my entire life changed, I handled it much better than I would have even six months ago. After all, I’d already gone through so many major life changes already the last few months, what was one more crazy adventure in my life?

Everything started a few months ago, when instead of doing a calm, normal interview of Erik Holmgren, the sexy Swedish lead singer of Lunar Toads, in his hotel room, I ended up partying with him at a club in Prague. I thought I’d never see him again, and yet, it turned out that when Lunar Toads came to the UK on tour, I was chosen to be the reporter to follow the band. A week into the tour, I found Erik unconscious in a crack house, and he ended up being taken to the hospital.

I had to make a decision then: I had to choose between Erik and my career. I compromised and wrote my article as truthfully as I could, leaving out any sign of the drug use Erik had undergone. Now he was in rehab, somewhere in London, in secret, and no one had any idea what had really happened to him. I was the only reporter in the country who knew.

The most ironic part about it is that I was also the most celebrated music journalist in the country at the moment. When Erik got out of the hospital I was sent back to the office in London to write my article. I’m not going to lie, I had thought about quitting my job and staying with the band, but I knew it wasn’t the right decision to make. So, I went back home, and spent twelve hour days for the next week writing everything I could, writing the best article I could, all leaving out the most important part of the story.

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