Rock Star Romance (The Complete Series)

Rock Star Romance

Serena St Claire

Copyright 2013 by Serena St Claire

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

Backstage Pass

Rocked Hard

Love Song

Backstage Pass

Ever since I, Alana Krauss, was a baby, I had always loved music. My mom would tell me about how the only thing that would get me to sleep at night would be my little music box. She would play it for ten minutes and that’d be it, I’d sleep peacefully. Without it, I’d wail and howl and generally make her life a living hell.

In school I learned to play the clarinet and the guitar, but I quickly found that I didn’t enjoy playing music as much as I liked to listen to it. I was good at playing, don’t get me wrong, but I was never going to do it for the rest of my life.

I had never been good at science and math, but in English I’d always gotten really good marks. That’s why it came to no surprise to anyone that knew me when I announced in grade 12 that I was going to college to study journalism. I was going to work for a music magazine!

The first few years were tough. I took out some student loans, I worked as an unpaid intern at a few online magazines, just for the experience, all the while studying full time. I absolutely loved it though! I got free tickets to local shows, I got to interview the bands that passed through Des Moines, and while most of them were small local gigs, maybe one or two from Nebraska or even Chicago, I sometimes got to see some real stars. It was completely worth it.

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