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Nathan’s Mate

(Book Three: The Vampire Coalition)

By J. S. Scott

Copyright© 2012 by J. S. Scott

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

He came to her in the dark as he always did. She couldn't see his face, but he was tall and dark, his shadowy presence casting off no illumination. She waited for him impatiently, her body burning for his possession and her mind consumed by need.

He slipped into her bed completely nude. Her hands ran over his massive, muscular chest, needing to feel his body and know that he was really here in her bed. She gasped as his strong arms pulled her into his body, leaving no space between them. It was exactly what she wanted. Her body was bare and they touched, skin to skin, nothing between them.

He took her mouth as though he owned it. She welcomed him like a flower seeking the sunlight. His masterful touch set her body and soul aflame, his seeking hands over her naked body eliciting a small moan that was muffled by his mouth. Her hands roamed, running over his broad, sinewy shoulders and back as she continued to lose herself in his embrace.

His powerful, muscular leg parted her thighs and she could feel her dewy, wet core slam hard against his sturdy limb. Grinding her mound against the steely surface, she hungered for release.

She didn't know if the need was hers, his or a combination of the two...but it didn't matter. They were both caught in a web of desire that they couldn't escape. She started rotating her hips against his leg, breaking away from his mouth with a whimper to pant against his shoulder.

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