Love Among the Ruins

A True Story

(For my daughter and my family)

Copyright 2012 by Andrew Robinson

Smashwords Edition

Author’s Note:

This is the story of my parents, the events that transpired around them during World War II. I have drawn on the stories my father told me, my mother’s autobiography, and her memories to paint as accurate a picture of those events as possible. Where possible, I have used the actual names, dates, places, and even dialogue. Where some elements have not been available, I have done my best to remain true to the spirit of their story.

As an example: my mother does not recall what her parents said to her when they came to visit her and my father in Naples. However, as my mother was pregnant at the time, I figured that her mother would chide her about not eating enough. When I told my mother this, she laughed, and agreed that her mother probably did say something along those lines.

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