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Dr Jane Foxx

Cover art by Rodzo
2008 Jane Foxx, Strict Publishing International

Chapter One


When I first became fully involved in the operation of our dungeon with Cassandra, my mother and FEMDOM mentor, we had ten regular clients who came to see us at least once a week. There were other submissives who visited at irregular intervals, perhaps twice a month or so. All of them had dissimilar capacities for pain and humiliation, and each had different dungeon expectations. They all paid BIG bucks for our services. A fee of between $500 and $1000 was usual, depending on time allotted and dungeon services performed. Thus, it was necessary to treat each client as an individual, never supposing they would all react to specific FEMDOM treatments in the same manner.

In practice, I often thought of myself as a kind of therapist, psychologist, or physician. Through our treatment, our male ‘patients’ would come to suffer a specific regimen of various punishments and humiliations. Our selected dungeon activities would satisfy the desperate male longings for chastisement from a desirable, dominant female. Of course, in the final analysis, our activities all had to do with the deprivation and control of sexual fulfillment for the male clients. That was what made it so much fun for Cassandra and myself. We are both women of sadistic intent regarding members of the opposite sex.

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