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Frontline offers an insight into the life of just one soldier out of the many thousands in the British Infantry deployed to Afghanistan. These modern day heroes risk their lives on a daily basis to help bring peace to a troubled country.

Some of these soldiers are fresh out of school, or college, and within a few months find themselves in a war zone fighting for their lives. The book gives a candid account of life on the front line. The highs and the lows of fighting a war, thousands of miles from home, whilst at the same time battling homesickness, and coming to terms with death and injury on a daily basis. Imagine being 18 and sent to a foreign country with 40-degree heat, an environment that is dusty and areas that are quite inhospitable. Every step on a dusty track could be your last as your eyes strain to catch a glimpse of an IED, before it is too late. That is before you get to where the enemy actually are, and the rounds start impacting in the dirt all around you, kicking up small puffs of dust.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the official name for Afghanistan. It has no coastline as it is a landlocked country, located in the centre of Asia. Afghanistan has a population of about 29 million, and covers an area of 250,001 square miles. Afghanistan is bordered by China in the far northeast, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, Iran in the west and Pakistan in the southeast. The land in the country has been fought over for thousands of years, even the British Army suffered a bitter defeat in 1842.

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