A brutally honest search for psychological self-awareness.

One man’s story of battling drug addiction, alcohol abuse, incarceration and his own demons.

Autobiographically, the writer invites us to share a disturbingly frank journey, living on the streets of England, surviving horror and committing horrific acts upon himself and others

This amazing story takes readers through the UK, Europe, USA, Thailand and other countries in between, on an adventure of self-discovery, for his soul and his humanity.

Originally written as a Blog as the author faced a diagnosis of terminal cancer, the response from readers of Oz's Blog took this blisteringly honest journey back through his life into a whole new - and life-affirming - direction.

That this interplay between author and readers has been retained here in the published book tips it into a brand new genre all of its own, one that would have been an absurdity in the days before the internet: Interactive Autobiography.


© Copyright 2013 Brent Dawson

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