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Market opportunities change quickly and timing is critical. A freelancer should be able to write quickly and with enough knowledge to represent the company they’re working for. He / She must be able to quickly get up to speed in the many different business industries and be able to pump out more in two days than on-staff employees or employers could do in two weeks. That means asking good questions before you start to write. Employers recognize that on-staff employees don’t have time to write full time. They’ve got customers to service and products to manufacture. A company that realizes this is most likely to use freelance copy help.

The need for marketing communication is ongoing. A fresh supply of content is vital to remain competitive in any particular marketplace. A constant supply of fresh content is mandatory to retaining customers and keeping ahead of the competition. This is where using a freelance writer will really prove their worth.

Following are some of the types of copy you’ll run into as you progress in your freelance writing objectives.

Hopefully this guide will be a hands-on “go to” guide when your need that extra motivation to get beyond that blank first page.

Chapter 1: Use An Outline to Make Writing a Snap

While there are many ways to simplify the writing process one of the easiest is to create an outline to follow. It doesn’t have to be a detailed 5 page outline that covers each and every point you intend to make. Even a simple outline will help you organize your thoughts and keep you on track.

An outline may even get you past that initial writers block that seems to hit so many of us from time to time. Here are some of the benefits.

Helps you organize your thoughts

Narrow your topic

Decide what to write

Makes sure you cover all the important aspects

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