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Praise for

Blue Magic Woman

“Provocative and controversial … I was drawn into Michael’s psychological and existential odyssey, a narrative journal of a schizophrenic”

Artur Lundkvist, Chairman, Swedish Academy Awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature

“A brilliant psychological mystery that echoes the spiritual dimensions of the Da Vinci Code and The Name of the Rose, and the monochromatic landscapes and mystery of Smilla’s Sense of Snow.”

Christian Amundsen, author of The Gospel According to Thomas

“There is a Polanski-feeling hiding between the lines. Scary! Good stuff!”

Lena Kõster, Cultural journalist and author of Med Omedelbar Verkan

“He is guilt-ridden, phobic, sexually obsessed, egocentric: not a person one would immediately like to have as a friend…”

Nils Schwartz, Expressen

Blue Magic Woman is a compelling page turner. James van Loon and Paola Bortolotti have proved to be literary masters of the abyss. It is a spellbinding and engaging psychological murder mystery with the mysterious blue magic woman, a dazzling mystical and erotic blue. The prose is as intriguing and intoxicating as brandy swishing in a brandy glass.”

Magnus Sjostedt, Swedish Literary Agent

“The narration is extremely well written. The story is ingeniously thought out at important points.”

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