All I wanted was to lay low my senior year of college. My plan was to focus on playing basketball, graduating, and getting drafted into the NBA. To kill time in between all of that, I planned to read.

I bought a boxed set of The Tale Trilogy at a used book store because I wanted to see what all the hoopla was. Since the books were being turned into a movie series, you could barely go anywhere without hearing about them. I even heard a local guy from my hometown of Orlando had a role in the blockbuster movie series!

By the middle of the school year, I was reading the third book of the Trilogy. The story was helping my heart open up to new exciting possibilities, and that was when I met Beth LeMond.


Chapter 1

I woke in the middle of the night at the Hightower Hotel in Atlanta. Matthew Tucker, my friend, teammate, and hotel roommate for this weekend’s road game, was in his bed fast asleep snoring away. I had my usual pre-game night insomnia and was staring at the ceiling. When that got old, I grabbed my paperback book and wandered down the hall to a common area I saw when we checked in. It should have a cool nighttime view of Atlanta. I decided I’d read a little or maybe I’ll run into someone else wandering around who can’t sleep either.

I walked down the hall and stood in the small alcove. It was completely quiet as I gazed out the window at the city lights. Suddenly a voice said ‘hello’ startling me. It was a female voice.

“Oh, hi there,” I said. I hadn't noticed the girl sitting cross-legged in one of the two large wingback chairs and now I caught her reflection in the window. I did a double-take as she peeked around the chair to look at me. I was so used to the typical Florida college girls with long blonde hair and tan skin, my eyes widened when I saw her. This girl was strikingly pretty with very short jet-black hair and pale white skin.

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