The Quiet One

Anni Gossmann

Copyright 2013 by Anni Gossmann

Smashwords Edition

Anne was enjoying the beauty of the gardens: the hollyhocks, the foxgloves, the roses, and many other colorful plants in peace from the solitude of a bench.

“Why hello!” broke into her quiet world.

She looked around and saw a young man coming towards her following the path from the house. “Hello,” was all she could reply.

“It looks as if you needed some company.”

With a deep sigh and saddened gaze, Anne replied, “Why did you think that?”

“Alone in the garden with nothing to do, of course you need company!” Erwin was so sure of himself that Anne could only shake her head in sadness.

“Actually I was enjoying the garden in peace and quiet; the beauty of all of the flowers in bloom, the gorgeous blue summer sky, and the birds flitting around from flower to flower and their young begging and pleading in the area to be fed. And then, there are all of the insects: bees, bugs, spiders, and such that so fill the garden with an unimaginable amount of life.”

“Bugs! You are watching bugs? Miss Anne, you definitely need some company if you are starting to watch insects!” Erwin sat down next to Anne upon the bench but not as she expected: he sat down much closer than etiquette allowed making her a bit uncomfortable.

“Erwin, please let me be out here in silence and in peace.”

“No. Why should I?” Anne felt what seemed like his arm going around her waist. With that motion, she quickly stood up. He swiftly followed suit, but immediately grabbed her arm. “Anne, you know you are my betrothed—“

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