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To my family,

I am a product of my surroundings. I appreciate in a deep manner the help you have given me as I walk through the journey of life. I strive to do good things with such wonderful gifts put on my plate. Once again, thank you.


I set out on this voyage in hope of answering a few questions. It was an enjoyable trip. It was full of surprises and a lot more complicated than I had envisioned. Is there any worthwhile pursuit in life that doesn't eventually fall into this category? I think that to be great fun.

The book is not broken into chapters for a few reasons. If you read the entire story, order will be found within the work. Yes, this comes free with the price of purchase. The main questions at hand are the following. Why write? Why listen? Where are we? Where do we need to go?

I hope you enjoy the journey taken through this adventure. I am very thankful for the gift of life. I am thankful for the opportunity to write this book. Our family is migrating slowly northward as we travel through this gift of life. What an adventure! I am very lucky to be part of such a team or herd, however you see it is fine with me.

Have fun.


It is time. It is definitely time. It is time to plant some seeds. Not literally, because it is late winter and they would not go anywhere right now except maybe into the paws of some happy squirrels. What kind of seeds? Well, that is an interesting question. My thoughts of such an endeavor include hope for the future. They also involve teachings of kindness, persistence, and a hint of worry for those who will walk after us within this incredible system that we refer to as our world. Actually, my wife and I are also quite busy planting literal seeds of our own at this point in time. We have just returned from China and the successful mission of adopting our second little girl from this country. My heart is full and that is perhaps the reason to start writing this book. I don't know. I guess it is all coming together in some fashion as the time to express some thoughts on this experience of life. We now have two saplings and two fully grown trees. You could also say we have a nine year old, a ten year old, and a couple of children near thirty years old. Personally, I like the first way of describing our children, but you may choose either way. I feel as if I am bouncing through life in some type of estrogen capsule as I am now surrounded by those of the female persuasion in both the younger and older forms of daughters and my wife. This leads to quite the personal evolution of self as I was completely surrounded by males as a youth then wandered into this completely foreign and very complicated existence of girls and women. I am amazed in a daily fashion by the difference between men and women. Sorry, I got off track there. I shall attempt to return to the reason for this expression of my feelings and thoughts.

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