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Thanks for playing with me.

Teambuilding with Intelligence would not have been possible without the following people. Thank you so much for guiding me and engaging with me in some off the wall teambuilding ideas. When I look back—what a crazy, crooked path it has been—I’m glad you were there.

• Acadia University, professors and students alike—some of the best years of my life.

• Clients without you I would be living in a van down by the river.

• Co-facilitators your insight energy and feedback allowed me to develop these little nuggets into powerful teambuilding tools…

• My wife. Without your regular paycheck, pension plan and medical plan I would have had to get a real job and not been able to explore these crazy ideas. I love you.

• My girls Tait and Breton. Thanks for letting Daddy play with your toys. They help me be creative and build fun stuff for my clients. I love you.


1. Debriefing Your Team

a. Productivity Processing

b. Multiple Intelligences for Teams

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