A People’s Politics tells a story of a Malaysia where the best shall never lose sight of their convictions. It is a Malaysia that celebrates its diversity, protects its integrity, and is guided by a moral compass that sheds light in times of darkness.”

Foreword by Nurul Izzah Anwar

Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai

I trust you will be blessed and refreshed by the chapters of this book. By the time you complete reading the book, I hope you will be just as hopeful as me, a young Malaysian who is convinced that the best is yet to come for this land”.

Foreword by Hannah Yeoh

State Assembly member for Subang Jaya

An excellent contribution, written by a true patriot, to the rich and evolving narrative on being Malaysian. The author succinctly expounds the meaning of nationhood, democracy, good governance, and the ubiquity of politics. A veritable guide to all citizens on their rights and responsibilities and the steps needed to take ownership of our beloved Nation. Notwithstanding the somewhat partisan call to change, a timely reminder to all politicians and the new government post GE13, never to forget that the Rakyat will always be the Boss. In essence, this is Mr. Goh’s clarion call to all Anak Bangsa Malaysia to put the shoulder to the plough for the good of our collective life as a nation in the 21st Century.”

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