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A. Jayanath

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Adoption of the election process alone does not mean that a country is democratic. Rather, democracy begins with the institutional respect for all aspects of human rights and the freedom of involvement by the people in the formation of accountable and people-centred governance. This book is a call for a more just and democratic Malaysia.”

Peter Kallang

Orang Ulu and Kenyah community leader who is experienced in trade unionism and church leadership; currently Chairman of Save Sarawak’s Rivers Network

As Malaysia matures into a functioning democracy we deserve better governance , renewal of our institutions and more choices. This work is a clarion call for critical conversation and engagement which we cannot abdicate from.”

Philip TN Koh

Corporate governance lawyer

The ordinary peace-loving Malaysians, politicians and non-politicians, will find this book refreshing and interesting because it is authored by someone who is not a politician. I can sense that the author is not pro-government, not pro-opposition, only pro-good governance. He is just being sincere and honest.”

Simon Sipaun

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