Metal doors clamped shut while a group of smokers screamed. They were sat under some heaters and the lights got brighter and brighter and hotter and hotter. First one of the ladies skin, started to wrinkle and fry, then her bones started to protrude out of her burns. Her hair started to burn and finally caught fire. There was a distanced stingy smell in that cabin, the fire burned down to her scalp and her burned skin fell onto the floor. She let out one almighty scream before wasting and melting into a pile of ash and flesh and bone and organs.

Then next a man started screaming so the group looked and his face started to peel off all while the heaters got hotter and hotter. His eyes melted and fell out of there sockets, and he slid down the wooden walls around the heaters and melted through the planks of wood and left the remains of his body.

Then the last woman left started to burn her whole right side rolled of her like a layer of latex. Her right hand melted and her finger nails slid off and fell onto the wooden platform. Suddenly the platform gave way and opened and revealed two long poles with spikes at the end. They shot up through her heels and up her legs, and straight out of her stomach.

“What the fuck is going on?” shouted one guy.

“Why are asking me? The controls for the heaters are on the out side of the gates. I’ll just switch it off.”

“You fucking idiot! You only thought to tell me now!”

“Well I just remembered!”

“You twat,”

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