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Elements of the Apocalypse

By D.L. Snell, Ryan C. Thomas, John Sunseri, & R. Thomas Riley

Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords.

“Remains” Copyright 2010 D.L. Snell

“Silence in Heaven” Copyright 2010 John Sunseri

“Phrenetic” Copyright 2010 R. Thomas Riley

“With a Face of Golden Pleasure” Copyright 2010 Ryan C. Thomas


D.L. Snell


Five minutes before the bus driver burned up, crashing the bus down a steep hill, one hour before half the population of Grants Pass, Oregon, went up in smoke, and two hours before only a few people remained on Earth, Dylan Bradley escaped into his book, Robinson Crusoe, ignoring the passengers around him.

The bus traveled up Sexton Mountain on I-5, through the madrones and other evergreens, south toward Grants Pass. Dylan sat in the back near the stink of the toilet. A guy in a fedora and a camel-colored blazer sat next to him. He looked like a pencil stub. He didn’t talk, just stared straight ahead, hands folded on a scuffed briefcase in his lap.

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