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Charlotte Hart

Charlotte Hart Claudio Milo

Charlotte Hart


Claudio Milo

For Dad -

You believed in me.

Chapter One

The family of Morton lived a prosperous life. For a little over two centuries the estate, which sat at the forefront of a well-cultivated, yet never exhausted, farmland and dairy shelter, yielded quarterly a living which saw them a healthy family.

Spoilt children would, through the rolling of Time, become parents, and would have children themselves: the generations would therefore be bred within walls of finery, wealth and self-indulgence.

The culture of the estate, and life, thereon, for the servants, land-tillers and dairy maidens was also, generally, come by through a line of succession: a butler was given his charge, after old age, to his son; dairy maidens the same taught their little ones, from the girl-age of five or so years how best to collect milk unstressed.

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