CHAPTER 2 – Poem of the Issue: Ozymandias by Percy Byshe Shelley

CHAPTER 3 – The Reviews Are In: I review a few of the comedies that shaped and enriched my life.

CHAPTER 4 – Reporting for Duty: The Power of Comedy

CHAPTER 5 – Changes: The way comedy has changed with the development of new forms of media i.e. the Internet and others.

CHAPTER 6 – On this day: For the months of January and February, great and good things that have happened in history that you the reader can feel good about, tell your friends and neighbors about and celebrate.

CHAPTER 7 – A Few Chapters from The Temp Pest: A piece of comedy gold to whet your appetite for the release of The Temp Pest (This ain’t gonna be a storm in a tea cup ladies and gentlemen). This is going to be a force five comedy whirlwind. Spread the word people, for The Temp Pest is coming... be prepared.

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