State of the Review

An Analysis of Online Reviews & Reviewer Behavior for the Restaurant Industry


Copyright 2012 by Reputology

Smashwords Edition

The purpose of the report is to help businesses better understand trends in online reviews and how it is impacting their business.  In case you are wondering, the data comes from 1,500+ reviews for 350+ business locations that we’ve been monitoring.

Before we delve deep into the details, let’s establish some baseline facts:

The average restaurant receives about 1 new review every week.   Though the majority of reviewers give good ratings, on average, over 1 in 3 of those reviews is lukewarm if not flat out negative, i.e. 3 stars or less.

As you probably expect, Yelp is the review directory that generates most of the reviews at 53%.  That said, the other half is coming from the other review sites, like Google + Local, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, etc.

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