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China, Please Give Me More

Sergio Tell

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China, Please Give Me More

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There is a great quote that everyone uses and finds a lot of wisdom in but I do not know why I am using it now (actually, I do).

The quote says, “Yesterday was an earthquake that’s gone; tomorrow will be another earthquake that hasn’t come yet; and today—try not to get fucked in the accident.

When I was a child, I thought that sex is the number that goes before seven (in Spanish, six and seven is seis y siete) and erotica is the name of a type of drug that grows in Greece and was the delicacy and pleasure of the emperors.

But Da Xia, my bodybuilder neighbour, showed me that she is the emperor and six is not a number. She also showed me a few things about erotica. I still don’t know much about it but erotica, of course, is not a drug.

Erotica in China is an oven.

When I am with her, with clothes or without, I feel like Da Xia is the proper manifestation of erotica and I am horny as if I took drugs.

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