Christmas Ideas for the Whole Family - Ideas for Gifts, Decorating, Parties and More!

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Chapter 1 - Celebrating Christmas Holidays – History and Significance

Christmas is indeed among the greatest and most awaited religious festival celebrated in the Western part of the world. You might already know that the actual name of this festival is Christ’s Mass and it is one of the most important holidays in the calendar of Christians as it commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus. As per the Hebrew Old Testament, Lord Jesus was the savor of the Jews.

All the believers of Christianity throughout the world celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm. The people of different countries have their own separate ways of celebrating this day. But, the essence and significance of Christmas remains the same. The most popular of the traditions that is generally followed today is that of the Americans and the British. They usually involve in age old traditions like gift-giving and dressing up as Santa Clause to delight the children. The concept of Santa Clause with round jelly belly and a red nose has its roots in their traditions.

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