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A Lasting Love

By Mary Tate Engels

Published by Mary Tate Engels at Smashwords, all rights reserved.

Copyright 2010, Mary Tate Engels

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"You are definitely worth the risk, Loren," he murmured against her ear. The velvety softness of his breath sent chills down her spine, and she longed to sink closer to him, to press against his hard chest. Of course, she did not. After all, they barely knew each other. Perhaps tonight would be a time to remedy that.

"I've never met a man so bold." Or one who made me feel this way.

"I'm captivated by you, Loren Randolph. I've never seen eyes quite the color of yours. They're enchanting . . . and so are you." His voice was a hoarse whisper and wrapped around her as securely as his arms.

"You're a silver tongued devil." She laughed.

"Who's intrigued with you, Loren."

"A secret admirer?"

He nuzzled her ear ever so faintly. "You'll find that I don't work in secret. Nor do I admire in secret. I want you to know exactly where I stand."

"I... I think I do, Reid." His name felt strange on her tongue, even though she felt so familiar in his arms. So right. "Reid . . ." she repeated it again, just to hear the sound.

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