The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse

by Grandma Sharon

A Pair of Pears


Copyright 2006 Sharon Meyer

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Maurice DeMouse was peacefully sleeping, snuggled in his soft nest of leaves. He was having a happy dream about chasing a cat when ... THUD! ... BOOM! ... KER-PLOP!

What in the world was that? It sounded like something heavy fell on the ground nearby.

As he yawned, he wiped the sleep from his tiny mouse eyes, stretched his little mouse legs, shook his body, and wiggled his skinny little mouse tail - like he did every morning when he woke up.

ā€œWicky-Wacky-Whoa! Iā€™m ready to go!ā€ said Maurice.

V-e-r-y carefully, Maurice poked his tiny little mouse head out from the leaves to see what was making this thud. BOOM! ... PLOP!

As Maurice quickly pulled his frightened little head below the leaves, he heard squeaking and chomping coming from the tree above. Then, little pieces of green things fell from the tree.

Maurice slowly poked his cute little mouse nose in the air. When he looked up, he saw Squeaky the Squirrel on a tree branch eating a great big green thing.

As Maurice crawled out of his mousehole, another big green thing fell from the tree above.

"WATCH OUT!" yelled Squeaky. "Some of those things are bigger than you, little friend."

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